July 22, 2016
City News

Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu from HYBYCOZO will create three entirely new sculptures at the Burning Man festival, producing a whole new activation of geometry, light, and shadow.
After launching the project on Kickstarter, The Heart of Gold, was inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s revolutionary polyhedron drawings. The goal is to experience a place where both inside and outside are questioned, leaving the visitor nothing but the loss of barriers in between, where a multifaceted mirror plays with reflection and perception. A holographic sequence of infinity mirrors shifting in color from a golden mirror to almost translucent, expresses the magical phenomena of light, creating a bursting bubble of color and light.

The Heart of Gold
Designers: HYBYCOZO, Yelena Filipchuk, Serge Beaulieu
Venue: Burning Man, Nevada, US
Year: 2016
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