August 16, 2017
Society Visual arts

Are brands a thing of the past? Based in San Francisco and Minneapolis, We Are Brandless ™ is a concept that was brought to life by group of thinkers, eaters and doers who are pushing for more transparency and community-driven values. First of all, goodbye fancy brands. The main objective is to select well sourced goods, whose prices are dropped down to 3 dollars by the total absence of BrandTax™, the hidden costs you pay for a national brand. This, added to an alluring graphic design – don’t call it branding! – might be the ingredients for an increased awareness in our consumption habits. Curious on what the response will be, the first products available range from food to cosmetics (which might sometimes be priced 370% more than their actual value), household supplies and office items.

Brandless ™
Concept: We Are Brandless ™
Credits: all images via
Year: 2017
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