November 9, 2014
Architecture Education News

The series of worldwide events concerning architecture, all related in some way to the Venetian model, are the research field of the second issue of Burrasca, BIENNALI. After the first few Biennali a sort of trademark was set up, but in the last years, linked to the phenomenon of Biennale’s sprawl around the world, the idea behind the event is more relevant: the possibility, in a lot of different ways, to display and discuss various matters. We would love you to share with us your idea about “Biennali”. You can freely focus on a specific one or express your personal opinion about what a Biennale should/could be like. Please send us your contribution, we will make a selection and the result will be our second publication. We accept essays, photoessays, illustrations, projects, case studies, interviews, and even tales.
The examples you can see in these images are just a few cases compared with the wide scenario of suggestions related to Architecture that these events can show.
Due to its independent nature, Burrasca tries to investigate these topics under a different and innovative point of view, encouraging potential authors to deal with complex but very communicative languages.
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