April 12, 2014

Click. Every morning when you wake up, the first thing you do is turn on the light. It helps you to clear your head and confirm that you do still exist as well as everything else in the room. Not that the things around you are that important, but you know that the cabinet is always in its place, the light filters through the blinds as always and the clock fixed to the wall continues its relentless rotary motion thus all allowing you, without too many worries, to refocus on yourself. Even during the Salone del Mobile, when you deign to reach Milan before the last day of the opening, you will make your way towards the stands hoping to find a mirror through which you can admire the reflections of the works in exhibition without having to actually visit them. When will you learn that all mirrors are the same and serve to give depth to the installation while that which change, which you should look at, are the products big and small? We are almost certain that your extreme narcissism is to blame for your particular behavior upon visiting the Salone and Fuori Salone due to the low quality bulb in your lamp in the morning that doesn’t allow you to put your ego in the right light. If you think you are ready for a change and finally understand what’s really going on around you, I suggest throwing that lampshade and mahogany fabric resting on the bedside table made ​​of cardboard into the trash, and taking a look at Pylon lamp made ​​in collaboration with Moroso Diesel. If you decide to bring it home you will spend more time looking at it rather than in the mirror and trust me, for you Aquarius, this would be a gigantic step forward. (translation by Stefania Quaini / Erin Russo)

The following astrological horoscopes  were born from a verbal confrontation between a self-proclaimed architect  and an uninsured city planner and are lacking any sound foundation.The following statements are an excuse to re-imagine the way in which we experience the Salone del Mobile 2014, and the surrounding area. All islands included and Chinese calendars permitting.