Marianna Guernieri
February 13, 2018
Architecture Concept

The Gentle Giant is a proposal for an Observatory Tower in the Chinese city of Suqian. Designed by Stefano Corbo from SC Studio Architecture and Design, it takes inspiration from two Chinese traditional landmarks: Pagodas and the Great Wall. The structure connects the existing infrastructure and alters the merely horizontal configuration of the context, modifying its skyline. A simple observatory tower becomes a space for aggregation and socialization. At the same time vegetation will colonize it, little by little.

The Gentle Giant is based on the dynamic superposition of two different systems of ramps: one, longer and smoother, which allows a complete and relaxed experience of the surrounding panorama. The second ramp, on the contrary, is a sort of direct connection with the ground, for those interested in a quicker visit. It works as a conceptual and structural skeleton that is constantly changing and evolving.

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Project: The Gentle Giant
Program: Observatory Tower
Architect: Stefano Corbo
Status: concept
Year: 2018