March 3, 2016
Architecture Visual arts

This is the second episode of our independent “A Taste of …” time lapse series.
You wanna have a look at the city behind the Wiener Schnitzel, Sachertorte and Wiener Melange? Have a taste of our beautiful hometown Vienna, which serves as capital of Austria, located in the heart of Europe, with its enormous rich culture and history.
Let us take you on a fast trip through Vienna’s world wide well known buildings, as well as less famous places, trough restaurants or tramways, which are called “Bims” by its locals, by the way…
Technical Details:
It took us one week of planning every single frame, one year of production (next to paid film jobs and university) and 2 TB hard drive space to create this time lapse movie.
Produced by:
Thomas Pöcksteiner // Peter Jablonowski
Sounddesign by Benjamin Bauernfeind
Support: Thanks to the City of Vienna ( who supported us realizing the project!

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