July 4, 2017
Design Education Visual arts

Menta Picante is a branding design studio based in Guadalajara, México, that has rebranded Leap, a school that releases courses for people who are still in high school and have the intention to learn about programming.  “Our task was to develop the concept of identity, which has the premise of being fresh to attract young people”, Menta Picante explains. “We choose a palette with secondary colors and created a pattern of simple shapes that remind us the symbols used in programming languages, this pattern is applied in different stationery applications at all times”. Branding includes business cards, stationery, certificates, tote bags notebooks and the website.

A Mexican school branded by Menta Picante
Design: Menta Picante branding studio
Client: Leap school
Year: 2017
Credits: all images via
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