January 9, 2017
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Start this year’s readings with a selection of soft architecture leisure books that can be enjoyed while studying for finals or at a coffee break. Matthew Frederick tells us about the 101 things he learned in architecture school – how to draw a line and the ever-present concept of the vernacular – coupled with the entertaining architecture-school survival guide by Iain Jackson. Will Jones drives us to an interesting journey on how to read residential architecture, with fine illustrations and edifying study cases, while Phaidon’s Mid-Century Modern Architecture travel guide takes us to 250 must-see destinations in the West coast. The “Meets” series by Yang Liu makes us smile as East is compared to West, and yesterday habits are confronted with today’s, through exemplar infographics. Federico Babina’s collectable illustrations is a new design classic that brings colour to our architectural imaginery. Finally, let’s go back to the basics with the majestic botanical illustrations by Leonhart Fuchs, dated 1543.

8 Architecture leisure books

– Matthew Frederick, 101 Things I learned in Architecture school, MIT Press
– Sam Lubell and Darren Bradley, Mid-Century Modern Architecture travel guide: West coast USA, Phaidon
– Will Jones, How to read houses: a crash course in domestic architecture, Rizzoli New York
– Yang Liu, Today meets yesterday, Taschen
– Yang Liu, East meets West, Taschen
– Leonhart Fuchs, The new herbal of 1543, Taschen
– Federico Babina, Archibet
– Iain Jackson, The architecture school survival guide, Laurence King Publishing
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