July 15, 2016
Design News

This summer don’t miss our selection of design products.
Have a Moscow Mule on the beach, ride your bike safely in a Nordic city, wear fancy flip-flops, serve your best meals in the countryside and taste herbal teas on the mountains.

#1 Stark for Ipanema
This summer’s must-have bears the signature of Philippe Starck and Brazilian fashion brand Ipanema: a 100% recyclable sandal available in over 48 combinations.
#2 Mule Mug
Lara Caffi form KnIndustrie designed a special mug for one of the most summery of long drinks: the Moscow Mule. Finished in copper, it keeps heat conduction under control.
#3 Closca:Fuga
After studying the needs of the new cyclists generations, Closca Design conceived a high-tech collapsible helmet that can easily fit in bags or backpacks.
#4 Ommo
Diga, Koma and Torus are three tablewear pieces designed by Andrea Ponti for Ommo, that simplify daily gestures through clever devices.
#5 Paola Navone: Fish&Fish
At Merci’s pop-up store in Milan, in the atelier of Paola Navone, Serax will showcase the new tableware collection, designed specially for enjoying herring. #MDW2016

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