March 25, 2017
Books and music

Are you planning to stay up all night for a deadline? Boost your music playlists and venture into these music shuffles: they’re easy to use and might open up some horizons. No matter what your predilection is, you will surely find that one genre that will speed-up your mouse (or pencil). Total randomness comes from the American composer Nicholas Jaar who launched a cryptical radio network where music is shuffled according to numbers from 0 to 333. For a more structured experience – but with the same mysterious results – you can scout new talents on the Free Music Archive promoted by WFMU, an independent, free-format radio from New York. If you haven’t the faintest idea on what to listen to, get a quick update on Every Noise and then just match year and genre on Last FM. Finally, for a jump into city sounds, discover some Domus archives and look back for the #mixtapes series.

5 Music shuffles for hard deadlines
Other People Network
Every Noise
Free Music Archive
Last FM
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