February 3, 2017
Architecture Design Nature

Welcome silence with a selection of twelve natural soundproof materials for interiors and construction: what they all have in common is that they are environmental friendly and each has its own technical asset and visual uniqueness. In case you live with kids, reduce the happy screaming with little felt animals that can be easily hanged in wall decorations. For fancy interiors select a mosaic wall made of one of the easiest woods of all time, bamboo; high performing building acoustics are met by super wools and non-woven basalt wools: they don’t need any chemical additive to stick compact and deliver the highest standards possible. Then we have recycled paper wall tiles, moldable coconut fibers that are renewable, biodegradable and compostable, panels made of organic corn waste or Mediterranean seagrass – that are both highly pollutant materials, when burnt for dismissal – and, most of all, moss doesn’t need any maintenance (no fertilizer, no direct sunlight, no watering, or so) if you want a wall that literally breathes with you.

12 natural soundproof materials
Brands: Vyva Fabrics, Buxkin, Marian de Graaff, Metis seagrass, Apilada Vorachart, Kul-bamboo, Cocoform, Dear Human, Zweigbüro Freund GmbH, Morgan Advanced Materials, Vulkan Europe
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