February 19, 2017
Architecture Innovation Nature

If you’re up for a new construction project, take a look at these alternative building bricks that contribute to sustainability with good performances and aesthetics. They use materials such as earth, clay, glass, metal, waste components and even paper. In times of overpopulation and ecodangers, it is desirable to keep pollution and Earth exploitation impact to a minimum level and the Bioblocks at the National Park Weerribben/Wieden (Netherlands) contribute to the hydrosphere, preserving rare animal and plant species. Some MIT students conceived a brick that doesn’t require firing, but only waste boiler ash mixed with a bit of clay, and the glass bricks bring forward old Venetian techniques, with pieces that are locally made in small scale. Together with the evergreen rammed earth building block – which improve the climate conditions and air quality of the interiors – why not building up a paper wall?

12 Alternative building bricks
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