September 9, 2015
Architecture Education Innovation

No Architect ever affected an Impact on a Global scale quite like Le Corbusier – here’s our homage on his 50th anniversary in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Explore his seminal works on Timescape

About Timescape:
Timescape visualizes streams of information across geographies and time; enabling the user to dynamically explore and curate narratives within it’s networked platform.
We see a significant challenge and opportunity in the way information can be consumed via the web. Our mission is to build a business around providing more efficient means for the navigation, analysis and consumption of data.
We need new and smarter tools to visualize and consume information more efficiently on the web. We need to collaboratively construct and share information in ways that truly realize our roles within the interconnectedness of humanity as its history and the producers of its new knowledge.

In collaboration with:
Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
Fondation Le Corbusier: