The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra

by Domus

The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra
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Colonnade Street featuring bases of Tetrapylon in foreground, anonymous artist after Louis-François Cassas, ca. 1799. Proof-plate etching. 35.8 x 16.9 in. (43 x 91 cm). The Getty Research Institute

War in Syria has irrevocably changed the ancient city of Palmyra. “The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra” is an online exhibition by the Getty Research Institute and a tribute to the legendary caravan city, that collects materials from when it was first captured and illustrated in the 18th century, to sadly recent times. Famed as a meeting place of civilizations since its apogee in the mid-2nd to 3rd century CE, the Romans and Parthians knew Palmyra as a wealthy oasis metropolis, a center of culture and trade on the edge of their empires. For centuries, traveling artists and explorers have documented the site in former states of preservation. Palmyra and its magnificent ruins have become targets in the ongoing Syrian conflict that victimizes its people and erases its cultural heritage.

The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra
Exhibition: Getty Research Institute
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