June 9, 2015
Architecture Society

Architecture, places, and scenes captured in the cities of Zürich, Luzern, Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Amsterdam.
All images © Matthias Heiderich, 2014

«Rhythm and geometry are good keywords here. These are definitely things I’m looking for when searching for subjects to photograph. Architecture has never been of big interest to me at all, but since my first steps as a photographer I realised buildings can even be beautiful and interesting. And if you keep your eyes open, you’ll find a lot of beauty and interesting details in the buildings that surround you, yes, even in the ugly ones. What I usually do when I’m out shooting is observing the subjects around me, looking for that detail I can take out of its context to create something new, an artificial contextless world isolated from the rest, ideally colorful and silent. That’s also why I try to keep people out of my photographs, people are loud and distracting, I don’t hate people, but I don’t want them to be in my photographs. Colors are great, I love colors, whoever invented them must have been a genius 🙂 They transport so much and look great in photographs. I very often miss them in black and white photography. Pictures often look incomplete without colors in my opinion. Sure, there are many cases in which photographs work perfectly without colors, you can play with contrasts and moods, but well, like I said I would miss the colors after a while and get bored. To get the best results here I prefer to shoot on sunny days, using color filters with my cameras and adjusting the colors later during processing. Over time the colors and color combinations I like most became a trademark, I guess».

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