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Portable Cardboard Standing Desk

by Refold

Refold is proud to present its cardboard standing desk.
100% recyclable and completely New Zealand made it showcases the perfect combination of innovation and environmental awareness.
This desk enables your lifestyle. It folds into a lightweight, compact carry case, allowing you to work and live the way you want.
The flexible, user-friendly design caters to endless applications. It could be used for offices, schools, creative studios, events, or even mobile offices and disaster relief. The desk is yours to decide how it can work for you.
Weighing only 6.5kg’s our design adds a new dimension to hot desking and fluid workspaces.
The portability facilitates a modern workflow, allowing flexibility and aiding collaboration. It enables project teams to assemble a unique collaborative working environment in minutes and adapt it to their needs as they change.
As the desk folds beautifully away into a self containing carry case it is the perfect space saver and allows easy storage.
Not everyone is the same height, so neither are our standing desks. The design comes in three sizes – small, medium & large – to help you achieve an ergonomic work surface. We see these desks as a product to instigate positive change in the schools of those who are less fortunate. We are honoured to be able to collaborate with UNICEF New Zealand to make this happen!
We are excited to have two pledge opportunities for you to improve education in the Pacific Islands and help those in need.

About Refold
We’re made up of Matt, Fraser and Ollie. We started Refold because we all enjoy challenging expectations.
We believe that there is always an alternative option. The desk is a product of this belief. This is us challenging the expectation that ‘work’ means sitting in front of a computer 9 to 5, 5 days a week.

Source: Kickstarter