June 1, 2015
Architecture Innovation Visual arts

Fernando Livschitz, YDA award winner (Young Director´s Award 2012) at Cannes, France, with his Buenos Aires Inception Park.

He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Media Communication at ORT and at 17 he shot his first short film, winning national and international awards with “Admision y Permanencia.” Then he studied Film Directing at the “Universidad del Cine” and started to feel passion for and to train in the postproduction area. He worked in the postproduction area for major brands and as a director for advertising and film companies in Argentina. With a deep interest in the search for mixing images with music, he directed music videos for important bands in Latin America. His last two viral productions obtained international acclaim: “Escalas New York” and “Buenos Aires Inception Park”. The latter exceeded 2 million hits per week, and positioned itself as one of the most watched videos on VIMEO, making the advertising and visual art worlds talk about him. With a high degree of sensitivity for beauty and aesthetic details in his art, he shows a detailed and dedicated work focused on lighting and colors. He worked on some short films, winning several national and international awards with “Atarashii”. Passionate about photography, he exhibited his work in several art galleries and his pieces got him some prizes.

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