Hyper-urban architectural models

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Hyper-urban architectural models
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Joshua Smith, 135 Cedar Street, San Francisco, 2016

Miniaturist artist Joshua Smith creates hyperreal and hyper-urban architectural models that are more than simple building representations. Unlike conventional model-making, where buildings are cleaned up and polished, he brings forward the grimy and decaying aspects of urban life, within stand-alone miniature worlds. Based in Norwood, South Australia, he offers the viewer a chance to clinically analyze certain spots in our cities that would otherwise be discarded. We can observe buildings in 23 Temple Street, Kowloon in Hong Kong; in 10 Payneham Road in Adelaide or in 135 Cedar Street, North San Francisco.

Hyper-urban architectural models
Artist: Joshua Smith
Year: 2016–2017
Credits: all images via iknowjoshuasmith.com
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