Gifts for architects and designers

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Gifts for architects and designers
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InstruMMents Inc, 01 dimensioning instrument, it rolls to capture dimensions of any object, also 3D, then logs, converts into CAD and shares through the smartphone

Still missing lots of presents? Have a look at this selection, for architects and designers only. You can go high-tech with a fancy portable laser cutter or a smart tool for iPad that lets you scan the whole place in seconds, combined with a measuring laser pen that makes the deal. You could buy small little working-tool necklace pendants or collect Vitra’s miniature design classics. If you are a student don’t miss the opportunity to organize all those drawings in a proper hip portfolio-bag. For those who are obsessed with time, there is an invisible clock that  shows numbers only the moment they ‘appear’ – philosophical indeed – or the classic hourglass for the very nostalgic. Never miss a day with the calendar-tape that can be stitched everywhere and, most of all, offer your little niece a proper drawing book: the brutalist one, of course.

Gifts for architects and designers
Brands and designers: Hay, Vitra, Internoitaliano, Present&Correct, Glowforge, Whitebeam, Rafael Araujo, Occipital-Canvas, Etch Clock, Atelier YulMarc ThomassetInstruMMents Inc

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