January 13, 2017
Architecture Visual arts

Genius Disloci is a project by Valerio Recchioni that ironically studies and deepens the relationship between architecture and the environment, through collages that combine contemporary buildings and art painting masterpieces. He creates new contexts answering this simple question: “What would happen if some of the most famous works of art had to live with the architecture of our time?”. Following this concept the Shard method becomes a colossal landmark in the Friedrich’s fogs, Brion tomb becomes a possible entrance to Dante’s Selva Oscura (illustration Doré), Libeskind’s Denver Art Museum is camouflaged among the paintings by Friedrich and Fuksas is inserted inside the Piranesi’s Pantheon. The differences and similarities that exist between the elements of the past and the present become much more obvious and immediate when these are combined together and not studied separately.

Genius Disloci
Author: Valerio Recchioni
Year: 2016
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