February 6, 2017
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Japanese living space is a series of twelve publications on Japanese magazine Kenchiku-Jouranl, where Hiroko Tominaga – co-founder of FT Architects – wants the viewer to experience Japanese architecture. She has visited traditional architecture all around Japan and drawn cartoons and texts to illustrate architectural ideas that could be used in contemporary house design. “The 12 farm houses I have seen last year were all houses from the Meiji, Edo period (17th–19th century), where it was time when the family and society class system was still rigid”, she explains. “In our times, hierarchy is seen as a bad thing, but I felt that the attractiveness of a farm house is the beauty of the contradiction and diversity of space arising from that hierarchy. The relationship between people or people and things, which surpasses the imagination of our time, clearly appears into shape and we are attracted to the diversity of it.”

Experience Japanese Architecture
Japanese living space
Illustrations: Hiroko Tominaga
Year: 2016
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