October 10, 2016
Architecture Innovation

Cornelia Kuglmeier designed a complete 3D Sagrada Familia just by using a 3Doodler pen. “Still unfinished, I always tried to imagine what it would look like when finally the last stone is set. Unlike Gaudí, who knew that he would never see his church finished, we have only to wait for another ten years to see it towering over Barcelona”, she explains. Following detailed research on plans, drawings, photos, floor plans and photographs, she began to lay out her own plans. Drawing stencils, counting heights and relations, she looked up proportions and scaled them, trying different ways to recreate the parabolic form of the towers, using hot air and wooden moulds.

Sagrada Familia
Artist: Cornelia Kuglmeier
Technique: 3Doodler, 3D print
Year: 2016
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