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  • Mouse bistro

  • If you live in Sweden and own a little house, make sure he visits the mouse bistro created by Anonymouse on the sidewalks of Malmö. It all started as a fun experiment with small scenes consisting of a nut shop, "Noix de vie", and the italian bistro "Il Topolino", on the corner of Bergsgatan and Almbacksgatan, but it [...]
  • Design Earth

  • Led by architects El Hadi Jazairy and Rania Ghosn, Design Earth is a collaborative practice that creates spectacular geographies, visualizing a range of aesthetic and political concerns for architecture and urbanism. Their last project Pacific Aquarium – presented at the Oslo Architecture Triennale – reflects on th[...]
  • 44 Flavours

  • Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle are the creative minds behind 44 Flavours, the German bureau that has been delivering installations, murals, illustrations and print projects around the world for over ten years. Their work comprises all kinds of media, from murals to posters, and painting to sculpture, and their dis[...]
  • Vasco Mourão, the originals

  • Portuguese artist Vasco Mourão presents new formats for his city illustrations, adding curves, wood, and fluid three dimensions. Well known for his pieces on daily magazines, his Originals bear the same formula: dense abstract urban settings, made only by using a black pen and a big dose of patience. "I draw cities[...]
  • So, will this be real?

  • Here the provoking proposal developed by the intern program at Estudio 3.14. So, will this be real? The wall was inspired by Luis Barragán’s pink walls, which are a real Mexican heritage, taking advantage of the tradition in architecture of megalomaniac wall building. Moreover, the wall is not only a wall: it is a[...]
  • Urban mandalas

  • In the digital era even mandalas need a refresh: Neal Peterson takes the peaceful rituals of universe representation to an urban scale, depicting cities like Chicago, Vancouver, Mexico City and Reykjavik through a long and dedicated photograpic work. His Urban Mandalas are large-scale collages, where hundreds of ph[...]
  • Ragusa FestiWALL

  • Per l’edizione 2016 di FestiWall si conferma la formula che lega cinque artisti a cinque muri, disseminando gli interventi in un’area ben definita di Ragusa. Il quartiere, denominato comunemente “Selvaggio” è una area che ospita diverse strutture sportive della città ma dove ancora è forte la frattura generata dall[...]
  • superKOLMEMEN blows up Helsinki

  • Seen at the Helsinki Design Week, SuperKOLMEMEN is an urban design intervention by Plastique Fantastique that popped up temporarily for one week in the center of Helsinki, changing the view and perception of the place. People could pass by, sit, walk or drive through, in a playful environment where to gather, talk,[...]
  • PolyLester – Aura Utrecht

  • Dutch studio PolyLester designed some colorful and playful curtains displaced around Utrecht, to form small oasis and an energy fields in the traffic buzz of the city. The transparent shutters shelters frame a moment in space and time with an aura of light. Situated on top of the Jaarsbeurstrappen at the Utrecht Ce[...]
  • Juergen Mayer – XXX Times Square

  • Times Square Arts and J. Mayer H. inaugurated XXX Times Square with love, three X-shaped outdoor loungers custom designed for Times Square, each of which can accommodate up to four people who can literally lie back, stare up and send a snapshot of either themselves of the mix of signs and sky above them. Originally[...]
  • Olympic street art

  • The Olympic Games have started and street artists know well how to not miss their run. French photographer and street artist JR is warming up Rio with his giant athletes. His last piece figures Mohamed Younes Idriss, a champion from Sudan that trains in Cologne: he missed out on qualification for the 2016 Rio but, as[...]
  • Workshop Back to Life

  • Blanca, a small town huddling at the foot of Peña Negra, a volcanic black rock, is reinventing parts of its structure,
 helped by impulses from artists’ platform AADK Spain.
 Part of this process is the rediscovery of the actual potentials of a shrunk city. The workshop Back to life will be an integral step in furt[...]