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  • Memories Objects by Mad Lab

  • Memories Objects is a design collection produced by Mad Lab, a design editor based in Madrid, where several designers collected dreamy images and translated them into fine craft wooden objects. Vicent Martínez is inspired by Timbuktu, the Sub-Saharan African city whose original buildings of an ancient traditions tr[...]
  • Skyline Chess, New York edition

  • Skyline Chess is a London based company founded by two local designers, Ian Flood and Chris Prosser. Taking iconic architecture from some major cities they reimagined it as pieces on a chessboard. It all started with London’s iconic buildings, and today a kickstarter campaign is fundraising the New York edition. Ia[...]
  • Russian avant-garde toy collection

  • For their Red-doll toy collection, Sasha Braulov and Nasya Kopteva (52 Factory) overlapped Russian avant-garde artist’s graphics with traditional Russian toys. To do so they studied the forms and symbols intrinsic to traditional toys and created nine wooden objects to emphasize the sole origin of the fabric pattern[...]
  • Lego tape!

  • Nimuno found the perfect match with its Nimuno Loops, a Lego tape that allows to start building almost anywhere. The tapes are available in a number of colours that will gradually rise, measuring 100 cm each. Recently launched on Indiegogo, and with still 23 days to go, the Loops have pledged more than one million do[...]
  • Candylab toys: when design meets classic cars

  • For young and old kids and all vintage lovers, Candylab creates wooden toys that revive the glamorous '60s American modernist vibe. "As artists, designers and parents we draw on many influences, not least of which are our deep love of classic American Cars and the craftsmanship spirit of mid-century artisan furnitu[...]