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  • Delirious Home

  • “Oh please, no more smart home appliances. No more fridges that order stuff they think we want. Or rather, fridges that we programmed to order the things we thought we wanted but we don’t. We are fine. Really." We better consider this utopian ideal as a comedy and draw inspiration from it! Technology – or more preci[...]
  • Slow/d - Design, prototype, manufacturing and distribution

  • Slow/d is a revolutionary web platform that offers to artisans and designer a new innovative way to produce and sell products locally and online.It is the tool to produce, distribute and buy the new design, born from an idea, perfected by collaboration and made next to you. How it works: Concept stage, where to find n[...]
  • Tools

  • L'ipotesi di una nuova idea del saper fare, una nuova stagione di know-how applicato al design contemporaneo, sembrano concetti messi in evidenza da alcune esposizioni. Un tema che sembra percorrere trasversalmente l'evento, fino ai Tools presentati dal designer Jakob Jorgensen @Lambrate, che rievocano la condizione in[...]
  • Mondopasta

  • An italian contemporary tale: tradition is not inviolable! Through an experimental approach, a group of brave designers supported by Subalterno1 + FabLabMilano+ Slowd, in collaboration with Tecnificio, discover uncharted territories of the "world" of Pasta. An exhibition curated by Stefano Maffei. Massimiliano Adami[...]
  • Oroboro: Atlas

  • Atlas by Carlo Zanni. The printer prints out a sheet of paper every 5 minutes showing 113 dots in correspondence of the bases, military installations and logistic U.S. or NATO/OTAN controlled by the U.S. in Italy. The number associated to each dot changes randomly. The public is invited to take a print and start drawin[...]
  • Ora Ïto: Mobility

  • During Milan Design Week Ora Ïto will present a collection of accessories for mobile electronics inspired by the shapes and the materials of design and architecture. @Diane Moroni Gomma, Corso Matteotti 14, Milano