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  • Atlas for the End of the World

  • Or Atlas for the Beginning of the Anthropocene. Feel confused about the health status of Earth? For a clearer idea of what’s really going on, what contrasting measures have been taken so far, and what is to be improved in the next few years, have a look at this large selection of academic texts, maps, diagrams a[...]
  • Recycled-diamond jewelry

  • Lisa von Baumgarten and Jenny Kask are two Swedish jewelry designers that love sustainability and minimal design. Their jewels are made from recycled-diamond, and each piece is unique and hand crafted with sustainable materials. Their raw-cut diamonds leftovers are sourced from the slices that remain after the diam[...]
  • 12 Alternative building bricks

  • If you're up for a new construction project, take a look at these alternative building bricks that contribute to sustainability with good performances and aesthetics. They use materials such as earth, clay, glass, metal, waste components and even paper. In times of overpopulation and ecodangers, it is desirable to [...]
  • Design with plants

  • We need plants now more than ever. If nature seems so conceptual for the many living in the city, luckily creative minds address our ancestral needs and simply design with plants. Check out a selection of pieces that are either functional, decorative, helpful, playful or utopic. You may choose between plants to pla[...]
  • WASP: 3D earth house

  • “We’re happy to show how two men and a machine can easily build a cozy 3D earth shelter in a very short amount of time, with extremely low expenses”. Massimo Moretti, founder of WASP and creator of the Shamballa Technology Parc in Ravenna, Italy, put a 12 meters high BigDelta 3D printer into service for earth archi[...]
  • Ecoisme: a home energy monitoring system

  • Poland-based startup Ecoisme has launched a product on Indiegogo - also called Ecoisme - that claims to help you monitor all the electronic devices in your home. The monitoring system supposedly detects basic gizmos like your hairdryer or laptop, using power analysis. Basically, that means that it can pick up on unique[...]
  • Una casa, mille (possibili) scenari

  • Esatto proprio cosi, un'unica casa che può trovarsi in ogni posto, può decidere di affacciarsi direttamente in Uganda, fra le vette africane più alte, oppure, per chi ama una vacanza-safari, la casa può essere trasportata liberamente in Keynya tra l’habitat degli animali esotici. Nata dal progetto di Charlotte Perriand[...]
  • Sydney Opera House: Inspired by Nature

  • In designing the Sydney Opera House, Jørn Utzon was inspired by nature. The Utzon Design Principles cite inspiration from the harbour setting and natures organic forms, colours and light. “While Utzon may have not seen himself as a sustainability pioneer, sustainability is inherent in his design philosophy “ _ Louise [...]