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  • Made Labs in Syracuse, Sicily

  • Under the theme “Authenti-City (or the Unesco paradox)” the 2017 Made Labs in Syracuse work at the intersection of design, art, craft, and local cultural traditions. The eight days of workshops and lectures are conceived as a platform for discussion on the future of cultural heritage from both an architecture and d[...]
  • Altrove Festival: street art in southern Italy

  • The Altrove Festival is a major street art festival organised by the Contemporary Art Center in Catanzaro, Southern Italy. This weekend it will display eight urban interventions to re-qualify the historical center within some of the most relevant areas of the city. Among the visiting guests we can find Spanish arti[...]
  • Listen to ancient music in dramatic settings

  • If you happen to be in Rome and surroundings this summer, don’t miss the unique opportunity to dive into spectacular architectures, listening to live ancient music. As part of the Art City 2017 program, “In Musica” – curated by Cristina Farnetti – opens some of the most beautiful museums and archeological sites to [...]
  • Artist in residence in wondrous Sardinia

  • Italian street artist Gio Pistone has been called to perform as an artist in residence in the wondrous landscapes of Southern Sardinia, within the spectacular spaces of Campidarte: a former industrial complex now turned into a huge cultural space in the middle of the island’s countryside, close to Cagliari. Pistone c[...]
  • Burning Man live!

  • Didn't make it to the Burning Man? No worries. Nevada comes to you with a 24 hours streaming where you can literally spy on what's people doing in the craziest event of the summer. Desert, music, art installations and floods of bicycles. Just a little reminder on the ten principles that drive the fest: radical inclusio[...]
  • Sun, poetry and shadows

  • Now that summer is slowly passing by, sun rays are changing their angle letting Dakus's special poetry mural be visible again. Created at the beginning of the year for the Street Art Festival in Tughlakabad, Okhla (East Delhi, India), the street artist's special piece was meant to stay silent until now. Time changes[...]
  • Wagner inspiration

  • If you want to experience music and architecture as a whole, then don’t miss the Bayreuther Festspiele at Richard Wagner’s theatre in Bayeruth, Bavaria. Each summer the Festival celebrates the German composer showcasing all of his operas, in the only place where they can be fully appreciated: the theatre Wagner him[...]
  • Burning Man: Heart of Gold

  • Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu from HYBYCOZO will create three entirely new sculptures at the Burning Man festival, producing a whole new activation of geometry, light, and shadow. After launching the project on Kickstarter, The Heart of Gold, was inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s revolutionary polyhedron drawin[...]
  • 5 Summer must-haves

  • This summer don't miss our selection of design products. Have a Moscow Mule on the beach, ride your bike safely in a Nordic city, wear fancy flip-flops, serve your best meals in the countryside and taste herbal teas on the mountains. #1 Stark for Ipanema This summer’s must-have bears the signature of Philippe [...]