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  • Benjamin Noir, the largest mural in Denmark

  • Benjamin Noir is completing the Vrimmel, a large-scale mural of 66 meters in the Osterbro neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark. The piece is entirely drawn by hand and it depicts urban spaces and imaginary buildings.  It is considered to be the largest drawing in Denmark, and there is no sketch or plan for the composi[...]
  • 44 Flavours

  • Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle are the creative minds behind 44 Flavours, the German bureau that has been delivering installations, murals, illustrations and print projects around the world for over ten years. Their work comprises all kinds of media, from murals to posters, and painting to sculpture, and their dis[...]
  • Stefaan De Croock and his wooden graffitis

  • Stefaan De Croock is a graphic designer and artist based in Bruges, Belgium, who brings wood-reuse and recycle to an urban level. He first draws some basic lines. Every wooden composition stars with a fast spontaneous drawing, even impulsive action, leaning towards automatic drawing. Within those lines, he creates [...]
  • Ragusa FestiWALL

  • Per l’edizione 2016 di FestiWall si conferma la formula che lega cinque artisti a cinque muri, disseminando gli interventi in un’area ben definita di Ragusa. Il quartiere, denominato comunemente “Selvaggio” è una area che ospita diverse strutture sportive della città ma dove ancora è forte la frattura generata dall[...]
  • Sun, poetry and shadows

  • Now that summer is slowly passing by, sun rays are changing their angle letting Dakus's special poetry mural be visible again. Created at the beginning of the year for the Street Art Festival in Tughlakabad, Okhla (East Delhi, India), the street artist's special piece was meant to stay silent until now. Time changes[...]
  • Olympic street art

  • The Olympic Games have started and street artists know well how to not miss their run. French photographer and street artist JR is warming up Rio with his giant athletes. His last piece figures Mohamed Younes Idriss, a champion from Sudan that trains in Cologne: he missed out on qualification for the 2016 Rio but, as[...]
  • MIMA: City lights

  • City Lights is the first exhibition mounted at the MIMA, a visual translation of five artists who have learnt to communicate instant and playfully empathetic joy through their works around the cities. They have become popular through urban projects which people discover by chance on a street corner or on the social[...]