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  • Strutture tridimensionali

  • Alla Triennale di Milano si svolge dal 14 al 19 Aprile la mostra “Singapore Design: The Alchemists (a new generation of designers)”, in cui quindici designer di Singapore si cimentano in un processo di trasformazione di materiali. In quest’esposizione si trova, un oggetto creato con stampante 3d. Questo nuovo strum[...]
  • The Caves of Ra Paulette

  • "Manual labor is the foundation of my self expression. To do it well, to do it beautifully, is a “whole-person” activity, engaging mental and emotional strengths as well as physical strength. When digging and excavating the caves I break down all the movements into their simplest parts and reassemble them into the mo[...]
  • A Village of Concrete Sculptures

  • Negev Monument, Beersheva, Israel, 1963-1968 Sunlight, wind organs, water, desert, acacias, gray concrete, text, memory A “village of concrete sculptures” covering an area of 10.000 square meters. This work, which dominates the whole desert plain around Beersheva, is Karavan’s first environmental site-specific scul[...]
  • Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures

  • This instructable demonstrates and explains a number of different sculptures I designed that animate when they are spun and lit by a strobe light (or are captured by a video camera with a very fast shutter speed). What you are viewing in the above video are solid 3D printed sculptures spinning at 550 RPMs while being[...]
  • Everyday's hyperreal sculptures

  • London-based artist and photographer Elise works at the intersection of photography and sculpture. Her images of complex installations explore the relationship between two and three dimensions, and what it means to take, or make, a photograph. Probing the illusionistic space of the constructed image, she draws the view[...]