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  • Happy textiles by Yuri Himuro

  • Yuri Himuro studied textile design in Japan and Finland. She creates pieces that search for surprise and interaction between textiles and people. The Satoyama Snip-Snap Series shown at SaloneSatellite 2017 let visitors snip and snap the textile using a pair of scissors to customize the design, as an ongoing process[...]
  • Salone Days: light cabinet

  • The light cabinet by Fang Gao was inspired by the experience in nature when walking in a forest, where light penetrates through arrays of tree trunks and the view changes as you move your steps. The cabinet invites people to play with grid patterns while functioning as a storage element where to display daily objects[...]
  • Salone Days: soft shelves

  • At the SaloneSatellite 2017, dedicated to young design talents, Taijiro Ishiko showcased wooden parametric soft shelves that can easily hold fruit or anything else. The project was one of the finalist of the Satellite Award. The form of the surface changes depending on the weight and shape of placed object. This wa[...]
  • Salone Days: Quiubox?

  • Studio Boano Prišmontas designed a temporary shelter named "Quiubox", a combination of the Colombian expression “¿Quiubo?”, meaning “what’s up”, “hello, what is happening”, and a “box”, referring to a small scale architectural object, a container of knowledge and activities. Quiubox is a nomadic workshop designed f[...]
  • Salone Days: We R Food

  • A restaurant, fine food and four designers: the historical restaurant ‘Rigolo’, situated in the Brera Design District, Milan, presents We R Food. The project was created from the fusion of traditional Italian cuisine with the world of design: Vito Nesta, Martinelli Venezia, Elena Salmistraro and Zanellato Bortotto [...]
  • Salone Days: Hermès pimps up the wall

  • At the Milan Design Week, even your local bakery might suddently feature a five-star design interior. In the Brera Design District Hermès has taken over some very unexpected places, with its "wallpaper guerrilla".  The French maison applied the new paper collections on some of the most symbolic local walls – be it [...]