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  • Burrasca #4 – FAT / ANOREXIC | Call for Submissions

  • “Architectural history will always seem the fruit of an unresolved dialectic. The interweaving of intellectual models, modes of production, and modes of consumption ought to lead to the "explosion" of the synthesis contained.”_ Manfredo Tafuri BURRASCA magazine is currently accepting proposals for its forthcoming is[...]
  • 101, Lina!

  • L'omaggio a Lina Bo Bardi e alla sua preziosa collaborazione con Domus, ci permette a continuare a indagare il contributo dato dall'editore Gianni Mazzocchi con le sue riviste (vedi domus 984) alla diffusione della cultura dell'abitare. La ristampa anastatica del numero 1 della rivista-giornale A - Attualità, Archiettu[...]
  • OfHouses

  • OfHouses is a daily updated collection of old forgotten houses. OfHouses publishes original material. OfHouses does not reblog. OfHouses is old fashioned. OfHouses stubbornly writes full image captions and edits every image in a consistent format. OfHouses invites architects, critics, theorists and bloggers to contr[...]