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  • 5 Summer must-haves

  • This summer don't miss our selection of design products. Have a Moscow Mule on the beach, ride your bike safely in a Nordic city, wear fancy flip-flops, serve your best meals in the countryside and taste herbal teas on the mountains. #1 Stark for Ipanema This summer’s must-have bears the signature of Philippe [...]
  • Ecoisme: a home energy monitoring system

  • Poland-based startup Ecoisme has launched a product on Indiegogo - also called Ecoisme - that claims to help you monitor all the electronic devices in your home. The monitoring system supposedly detects basic gizmos like your hairdryer or laptop, using power analysis. Basically, that means that it can pick up on unique[...]
  • Seaboard RISE: Making music in more dimensions

  • The multidimensional Seaboard RISE lets you control sound through five dimensions of touch; Strike, Press, Glide, Slide and Lift. It moves far beyond the expressive limitations of a standard keyboard, opening up new ways to make and shape music through intuitive gestures. A revolutionary interface _ Pliable, pressur[...]