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  • Everyday's hyperreal sculptures

  • London-based artist and photographer Elise works at the intersection of photography and sculpture. Her images of complex installations explore the relationship between two and three dimensions, and what it means to take, or make, a photograph. Probing the illusionistic space of the constructed image, she draws the view[...]
  • A new skin for Olympus Trip 35

  • "Parallel to the the work of architect I do photography on my free time. Recently the need to repair my old camera quickly became a flourishing business. All started about 5 years ago when I was looking for an affordable 35mm film camera, my first one. The brief was clear, the best quality for the best price and all my[...]
  • Midnight Modern

  • "Shot over 2 seperate trips these images capture the classic mid century houses of palm springs under the light of a supermoon with no further post production or artificial lighting. Focusing mainly on the tract houses built by the Alexander Construction Company in the 1950's and 60's the photographs are minimally proc[...]
  • Out of Place

  • L’autore di questi bizzarri scatti urbani  intitolati "Out of a Place" è il fotografo e designer tedesco Robert Rickhoff . L’artista stravolge lo spazio pubblico e la sua architettura, manipolando e modificando le sue fotografie. Le strade diventano rampe da skateboard, l’autostrada è un campo da pallavolo, una panchin[...]
  • Hipsters in stone

  • "Who is to say that the figures presented in the stone of Greek Agora were not the greatest representation of the human form known at that time. The statues, with their clothes stripped away reveal a magnificence of shape & balance. ... but what were the Greeks wearing when they weren't posing for sculptors..? Ap[...]
  • Improbabilità

  • Italian photographer Giuseppe Colarusso has created series of photographs entitled ‘Improbabilita’ that turns everyday items into objects that are impossible to use, improbable and some were given a completely new function. © Giuseppe Colarusso Author's website