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  • Salone Days: Quiubox?

  • Studio Boano Prišmontas designed a temporary shelter named "Quiubox", a combination of the Colombian expression “¿Quiubo?”, meaning “what’s up”, “hello, what is happening”, and a “box”, referring to a small scale architectural object, a container of knowledge and activities. Quiubox is a nomadic workshop designed f[...]
  • BIG: Skum Pavilion

  • Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange designed a mobile structure for three Danish institutions – Tuborg Brewery, Chart Art Fari and ARos Aarhus Junstmuseum – that had to be permanent and trasportable at the same time. Skum is a bubble-like cloud pavilion that is filled with air powered by two turbines, and is fully inflated[...]