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  • Burrasca #4 – FAT / ANOREXIC | Call for Submissions

  • “Architectural history will always seem the fruit of an unresolved dialectic. The interweaving of intellectual models, modes of production, and modes of consumption ought to lead to the "explosion" of the synthesis contained.”_ Manfredo Tafuri BURRASCA magazine is currently accepting proposals for its forthcoming is[...]
  • Burrasca #3 _ Glitch

  • What happens when communication becomes cacophony and when what was supposed to have sense “glitches”? The next issue of Burrasca will be focused on the understanding of the reasons why Glitch has recently established a broader and multidisciplinary meaning, on what it means and on the illustration of possible applicat[...]
  • BIENNALI _ Call for submissions

  • The series of worldwide events concerning architecture, all related in some way to the Venetian model, are the research field of the second issue of Burrasca, BIENNALI. After the first few Biennali a sort of trademark was set up, but in the last years, linked to the phenomenon of Biennale’s sprawl around the world, the[...]