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5 Music shuffles for hard deadlines
  • 5 Music shuffles for hard deadlines

  • Are you planning to stay up all night for a deadline? Boost your music playlists and venture into these music shuffles: they're easy to use and might open up some horizons. No matter what your predilection is, you will surely find that one genre that will speed-up your mouse (or pencil). Total randomness comes from[...]
  • David Bowie in our letters

  • The British Royal Mail adds a new pillar to its Music Giants Special Stamp series, with a tribute to David Bowie. The special issue features also several limited edition David Bowie souvenirs, some of which come in only 950 pieces, alongside the Special Stamps, First Day Covers and Presentation Pack. The decision w[...]
  • Wagner inspiration

  • If you want to experience music and architecture as a whole, then don’t miss the Bayreuther Festspiele at Richard Wagner’s theatre in Bayeruth, Bavaria. Each summer the Festival celebrates the German composer showcasing all of his operas, in the only place where they can be fully appreciated: the theatre Wagner him[...]
  • Seaboard RISE: Making music in more dimensions

  • The multidimensional Seaboard RISE lets you control sound through five dimensions of touch; Strike, Press, Glide, Slide and Lift. It moves far beyond the expressive limitations of a standard keyboard, opening up new ways to make and shape music through intuitive gestures. A revolutionary interface _ Pliable, pressur[...]
  • A house for David Bowie

  • David Bowie died. But he didn’t. We are going to revenge him, in the name of art, and in the name of his music. Let’s imagine A house for David Bowie! How would it be…? The many facets of his personality would have, no doubt, to be reflected in this house that wants to pay homage to him, architecturally. Would it[...]
  • Omi Palone - Architecture (Official Video)

  • The video for ‘Architecture’ is a visual homage to relics of the Brutalist and Modernist architectural movements and social-housing builds of the 1960s and 70s. Shot across the London boroughs between W10 to E14 and featuring structures designed by the likes of Ernő Goldfinger, Neave Brown and Alison and Peter Smithso[...]
  • 7-17 May 2015 _ Mapping Festival Geneva

  • The Mapping Festival, dedicated to audio-visual art and digital culture, celebrates this year its eleventh edition that will take place from May 7 to 17, 2015, in Geneva. The festival is now a major event in the fields of image generation, technological creation and exploration, attracting both professional and genera[...]
  • Field of Sound

  • Dopo il successo dell’esperienza alla Milano Design Week dello scorso anno, che aveva permesso al pubblico di avvertire la musica non solo con l’udito, ma anche da un punto di vista visivo, Peugeot Design Lab continua la sperimentazione quest’anno attraverso lo show “Field of Sound”, realizzato in collaborazione con Fa[...]
  • NYCDFF 2015 Architecture Winner: The Fallout

  • An aerial perspective of Pripyat/Chernobyl. Shot in February 2014 to showcase AeroCine's heavy lift platform. Drone Pilot: Oscar Ohlson Directors: Jeff Brink and Brian Streem Producers: Jeff Brink and Brian Streem Original Music by: Max Rubell Colorist: Alan Gordon New York City Drone Film Festival is the world[...]
  • Playing Bach in Peter Zumthor's Bruder Klaus Field Chapel

  • Bach's Preludes were composed between 1717–1723 when he was kapellmeister so they were probably meant to be performed in a holy place. It is interesting to notice that Enders, a really young musician, chose to repropose as place of performance, 300 years after, a contemporary chapel to play Bach's Cello Suite No. 1. Th[...]
  • Rush Hour

  • The Argentinian director transforms a typical intersection into an absurdly choreographed dance of cloned cars, bicyclists and pedestrians who at almost every moment appear destined to collide. Fernando Livschitz is a young-but-skilled expert in special effects that are perfectly (and proprietarily) designed to fit [...]
  • Making percussion from basalt rocks

  • Form Follows Sound is Roy Yahalomi’s graduation project, made in Holon Institute of Technology. The project is based on a research of a new ceramic material, that Yahalomi has developed together with Or Hetzroni. The new ceramic material is made out of Basalt rocks, which Yahalomi grinded to a powder, transformed int[...]