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  • That was not my dream

  • Produced by Pedro Kok and Gabriel Kogan (studio mk27), the video titled "That was not my dream", shows Casa Redux, a house they designed in Itatiba, Brazil. The architects describe the house in a really ironic and unusual way. The narrator is a lonely, angry husband who tells the story of the house and how his ex-wife[...]
  • Out of Place

  • L’autore di questi bizzarri scatti urbani  intitolati "Out of a Place" è il fotografo e designer tedesco Robert Rickhoff . L’artista stravolge lo spazio pubblico e la sua architettura, manipolando e modificando le sue fotografie. Le strade diventano rampe da skateboard, l’autostrada è un campo da pallavolo, una panchin[...]
  • Improbabilità

  • Italian photographer Giuseppe Colarusso has created series of photographs entitled ‘Improbabilita’ that turns everyday items into objects that are impossible to use, improbable and some were given a completely new function. © Giuseppe Colarusso Author's website
  • Rush Hour

  • The Argentinian director transforms a typical intersection into an absurdly choreographed dance of cloned cars, bicyclists and pedestrians who at almost every moment appear destined to collide. Fernando Livschitz is a young-but-skilled expert in special effects that are perfectly (and proprietarily) designed to fit [...]
  • Burning Man 2014

  • "Every year, participants in the Burning Man Festival descend on the playa of Nevada's Black Rock Desert to form a temporary city - a self-reliant community populated by performers, artists, free spirits, and more. Last week, an estimated 65,000 people came to Burning Man 2014 from all over the world to dance, express [...]
  • _PREVIEW_ Google’s Creative Sandbox

  • Taken from Domus 983, September 2014 A project by Anthony Burrill for a summer event on the beach at Cannes was an opportunity to create a complete environment, where graphic design dominates the scene and successfully integrates the special features of the different areas.
  • Anti-World Cup Protest Graffiti

  • Questa edizione dei Mondiali passerà alla storia anche per le polemiche che ne hanno accompagnato l’organizzazione. Le proteste scoppiate negli ultimi mesi in decine di città contro le spese decise dal governo per i Mondiali rischiano di ripetersi proprio in occasione del calcio d’inizio. E mentre lo sciopero del pers[...]
  • Terraforma - Experimental and Sustainable Music Festival

  • The first edition of  Terraforma takes place in the woods of Villa Arconati just outside Milan and involves artists who experiment new ways to reduce the distance between art and life. Music and its listening take man back to his natural frequencies where sense of rhythm is once again bound with the environment. Ter[...]
  • The Happy Show

  • The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister, a thematic travveling exhibition of film, print, infographics, sculpture, and interactive installations offers visitors the experience of walking into the designer's mind as he attempts to increase his happiness via mediation, cognitive therapy, and mood-altering pharmaceuticals. [...]