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  • The happy balsa wood of Vera van Wolferen

  • Premise. Balsa wood is one of the most used materials for maquettes and models, and it is actually the most lightweight wood known, with a density of 150-160 kg/m³. It comes from the Ochroma pyramidale, of the Malvaceae family, and it grows naturally in southern Brazil, northern Bolivia and southern Mexico, althoug[...]
  • The concrete models of David Umemoto

  • In between sculpture and architecture, the concrete works of David Umemoto stand as studies about volume, light and shadow. Each model is a dreamy piece that evokes temporary buildings or monuments standing on far-away lands. “They refer to the archaic and the ephemeral, despite the solidity and the modernity of th[...]
  • Hyper-urban architectural models

  • Miniaturist artist Joshua Smith creates hyperreal and hyper-urban architectural models that are more than simple building representations. Unlike conventional model-making, where buildings are cleaned up and polished, he brings forward the grimy and decaying aspects of urban life, within stand-alone miniature world[...]
  • Small Stories: how architects dream their dollhouses

  • Small stories, big dreams. Careless of the age or gender, a dollhouse is a real temptation for creative fellows. Next to a stunning selection of 12 historical dollhouses from the V&A collection, the National Building Museum in Washington DC makes a contemporary update showcasing the interpretations do[...]
  • Cornelia Kuglmeier: how to 3Doodle your own Sagrada

  • Cornelia Kuglmeier designed a complete 3D Sagrada Familia just by using a 3Doodler pen. "Still unfinished, I always tried to imagine what it would look like when finally the last stone is set. Unlike Gaudí, who knew that he would never see his church finished, we have only to wait for another ten years to see it to[...]