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  • Arkitube

  • A reinvention of the norm, Arkitube is a modular, sleek, lightweight, presentation tube, designed to transport large architectural, design and construction drawings, plans, and posters. Unlike the cumbersome containers or cardboard tubes available on the market, Arkitube is designed to reflect the precision, delight, a[...]

  • WORLD FIRST UV POWERED STARPATH Pro-Teq Surfacing UK Ltd have been awarded Global Business Excellence Award for 2013 in the category Outstanding Innovation for their product: STARPATH The Chairman of the Judges from the GBE Awards said: "Pro-Teq Surfacing is literally on track to light up the world with its amazing[...]
  • Bike in a bag

  • Indian company Lucid Design has created a conceptual "bike in a bag" that would quickly dismantle into parts to fit into a backpack (+ movie). Made from lightweight hollow aluminum tubing, each piece would hold together using a lockable turnkey, with all necessary joints accessible from one side for ease. The drivetra[...]
  • Module Seelenkiste

  • This mobile and removable structure by Allergutendinge studio offers all the advantages for contemplation and rest. The idea of ​​the concept is to make the most of the beauty of nature in a module made ​​for meditation. The modular construction principle facilitates transport and allows repeated assembly and disassemb[...]
  • Barcelona by Andrés Lozano

  • Illustrations by Andrés Lozano for a guide to Heineken's "Barcelona als bars" music festival, depicting the 4 more remarkable neighborhoods of Barcelona. The guide was designed by Juliá Roig on Walk with me studio.    
  • BayCycle Project

  • With two-thirds of our planet's surface covered by water and nearly one  billion bikes in use around the world, the next evolution in biking has finally arrived. From gliding on glassy waters to jumping ocean waves, water biking combines the joy, adventure and health benefits of biking with the dynamic terrain of water[...]