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  • Agoraphobic photo traveller

  • The marvels of traveling could turn into a true nightmare if you suffer from any kind of anxiety disorder. Agoraphobic Jacqui Kenny is one of them, and she managed to turn her "limitation" into something notable, almost universal. Based in London, she prefers to move within her comfort area, but still dreams of ope[...]
  • Harbin snow sculptures

  • Some 100 artists will spend over 10 days creating gigantic Harbin snow sculptures, in China. Harbin is marked by a 60-70 days of exhibition period, defined as "The world's largest ice and snow carnival". In winter, the whole island is decorated by large scale snow creations. It is the earliest developed and the lar[...]
  • The picnic project

  • How far can a re-appropriation of nature go? The picnic project takes in consideration the post-industrial era in the northwest lignite mining area of Ptolemaida, between Greece and Macedonia. Focusing on three main techniques, Greenhouse, Grafting (shaping arrangements of trees into uniform structures), and Outdoo[...]
  • Mountain houses: rustic or modern?

  • Winter time calls for snow, mountain houses and cabins, no doubts on that. But there's one issue that often haunts interior designers and architects: being able to create their one true contemporary masterpiece, while pleasing their clients' desire for their dream's childhood hut (bears included). Check out this se[...]
  • So, will this be real?

  • Here the provoking proposal developed by the intern program at Estudio 3.14. So, will this be real? The wall was inspired by Luis Barragán’s pink walls, which are a real Mexican heritage, taking advantage of the tradition in architecture of megalomaniac wall building. Moreover, the wall is not only a wall: it is a[...]
  • Mike's amazing maze

  • Mike's amazing maze unveils See America, his latest maze depicting the iconic National Park posters produced by the WPA Federal Arts Project between 1938 and 1941, that can only be seen from quite a distance. The last work celebrates 100 years of the National Park Service which was established with theOrganic Act o[...]
  • Workshop Back to Life

  • Blanca, a small town huddling at the foot of Peña Negra, a volcanic black rock, is reinventing parts of its structure,
 helped by impulses from artists’ platform AADK Spain.
 Part of this process is the rediscovery of the actual potentials of a shrunk city. The workshop Back to life will be an integral step in furt[...]
  • The sculpture park of Edward James

  • The sculpture park Las Pozas was created by Edward James, an eccentric poet and artist – also a great patron of the surrealist movement – in Xilitla, San Luis Potosi. The Pedro and Elena Hernandéz, A.C. Foundation has taken over the conservation of the garden´s sculptures in accordance with the guidelines establish[...]
  • Ignazio Mortellaro: Overturning Moment

  • Nel parco archeologico delle Mura Dionigiane di Siracusa la scultura di Ignazio Mortellaro per Parc01 - Binario Contemporaneo Il luogo, rivolto ad oriente, frontiera tra terra e mare. E' sul bordo della terra che ci poniamo le domande più importanti, quelle essenziali. Su un’isola questa è una condizione che si[...]
  • Dove vive Urbino

  • «Dov’è Urbino? Com’è veramente questa città che affida la sua memoria soprattutto a poche nozioni di storia e di arte? Se provate a rivolgere queste domande agli italiani, non avrete che delle risposte vaghe, imprecise: tutt’al più, una confessione di ignoranza mista a un timido desiderio di correggere le scarse e impr[...]
  • Alberto Ponis: The Right Rock

  • Un tributo al grande architetto Alberto Ponis e alle sue creazioni nel nord della Sardegna. Una testimonianza del suo lavoro appassionato e meticoloso, alla costante ricerca di un equilibrio con il paesaggio. “Se un terreno è senza rocce, sono in difficoltà. […] Anche una sola roccia è un grandissimo aiuto, perché ti [...]
  • Curves of Iran

  • To the people asking me: "Why do you want to go to Iran?", I'd like to show them this video. Once again, Itook a 3 weeks trip in the Middle East, with my video bag, filled with a few extra shirts, with one thought in mind: make people want to travel. The narration explains the whole thing : "Curves are everywhere in [...]