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  • Ikebana rings

  • Product and interaction designer Gahee Kang designed the Ikebana Rings collection for Areaware – a New York City based producer of everyday objects that are functional and unusual. The Ikebana Ring is a sterling silver ring that holds a small bouquet of wildflowers, just like the Japanese art of floral arrangement [...]
  • I see a halo around you

  • Jewelry designer Yun Sun Jang is interested in studying and recreating the spiritual and energetic space that surrounds our bodies. Her collection I see a halo around you explores the boundaries of space and the everyday with interactive objects that provide physical and psycological experiences. The collection refer[...]
  • Recycled-diamond jewelry

  • Lisa von Baumgarten and Jenny Kask are two Swedish jewelry designers that love sustainability and minimal design. Their jewels are made from recycled-diamond, and each piece is unique and hand crafted with sustainable materials. Their raw-cut diamonds leftovers are sourced from the slices that remain after the diam[...]