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  • The radical tribal jewelry of Joanne Tan

  • Forget about classical earrings necklaces and rings, jewelry designer Joanne Tan wants you to express your true self with conceptual pieces that talk about desires and perceptions. Her collection called “Not your average beauty” is a series of handmade facial ornaments inspired by radical tribal jewelry. Graduate a[...]
  • Wear your architectural ring

  • What happens when an architect starts making jewelry? Find out with the architectural ring collection by Brooklyn-based architect and designer Artur Dabrowski. His series starts with three important elements for the discipline: stairs, bricks and arches. Dabrowski recreates tiny scenarios in rings made from high re[...]
  • Ikebana rings

  • Product and interaction designer Gahee Kang designed the Ikebana Rings collection for Areaware – a New York City based producer of everyday objects that are functional and unusual. The Ikebana Ring is a sterling silver ring that holds a small bouquet of wildflowers, just like the Japanese art of floral arrangement [...]
  • I see a halo around you

  • Jewelry designer Yun Sun Jang is interested in studying and recreating the spiritual and energetic space that surrounds our bodies. Her collection I see a halo around you explores the boundaries of space and the everyday with interactive objects that provide physical and psycological experiences. The collection refer[...]
  • Recycled-diamond jewelry

  • Lisa von Baumgarten and Jenny Kask are two Swedish jewelry designers that love sustainability and minimal design. Their jewels are made from recycled-diamond, and each piece is unique and hand crafted with sustainable materials. Their raw-cut diamonds leftovers are sourced from the slices that remain after the diam[...]