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  • WASP: 3D earth house

  • “We’re happy to show how two men and a machine can easily build a cozy 3D earth shelter in a very short amount of time, with extremely low expenses”. Massimo Moretti, founder of WASP and creator of the Shamballa Technology Parc in Ravenna, Italy, put a 12 meters high BigDelta 3D printer into service for earth archi[...]
  • Ecoisme: a home energy monitoring system

  • Poland-based startup Ecoisme has launched a product on Indiegogo - also called Ecoisme - that claims to help you monitor all the electronic devices in your home. The monitoring system supposedly detects basic gizmos like your hairdryer or laptop, using power analysis. Basically, that means that it can pick up on unique[...]
  • Seaboard RISE: Making music in more dimensions

  • The multidimensional Seaboard RISE lets you control sound through five dimensions of touch; Strike, Press, Glide, Slide and Lift. It moves far beyond the expressive limitations of a standard keyboard, opening up new ways to make and shape music through intuitive gestures. A revolutionary interface _ Pliable, pressur[...]
  • Finger-mounted reading device for the blind

  • Researchers at the MIT Media Laboratory have built a prototype of a finger-mounted device with a built-in camera that converts written text into audio for visually impaired users. The device provides feedback — either tactile or audible — that guides the user’s finger along a line of text, and the system generates the [...]
  • Italy the Extraordinary Commonplace

  • Il Vice Ministro Calenda ha mostrato in anteprima a Davos un video – che il Ministero e ICE hanno prodotto – per evidenziare i nostri punti di forza e sfatare alcuni dei principali luoghi comuni sull'Italia, cioè che il Made in Italy sia in grado di esprimere solo prodotti della moda e del design, oltre che naturalment[...]
  • L'albero di Trasmissione

  • C'era un tempo in cui la meccanica aveva un peso diverso nella realtà quotidiana e proprio da quegli anni, ormai lontani nella memoria (seppur così vicini storicamente), sembrano venir fuori le figure emblematiche del film L'albero di trasmissione di Fabrizio Bellomo, presentato in anteprima mondiale al 55 Festival dei[...]
  • Ove Arup: The Philosopher Engineer

  • The extraordinary life and work of Ove Arup, considered THE engineer of the 20th century and the thinking architects' engineer. Featuring Ove Arup, Lord Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano and an illustrious cast of engineers who worked with him since 1946. Includes contributions from architecture journalist Jonathan Glancey [...]