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  • Bacula Forest

  • -In all the tales of men and beast, There lies a land of rest and peace.- By now the early sun had risen and as they made their way west they saw all the other birds stretch their wings and greet the day with songs and whistles. "Look ahead dear Flory between highway and stone, look under the bridge and you will s[...]
  • Andrés Lozano and his "Jacuzzi's mood"

  • Illustration for Guts Zine #4 "Jacuzzi" My name is Andrés Lozano. I’m a 22 years old illustrator from Madrid, Spain. I’m mainly inspired by nature, architecture, franco-belgian comics and film noir. In my illustrations I love using overlayed colors, textures and strong linework. To learn more, visit Andrés Lozano'[...]
  • Gran premio svizzero del design alla grafica Lora Lamm

  • L’Ufficio federale della cultura attribuisce quest’anno il Gran Premio svizzero del design 2015 alla graphic designer Lora Lamm, insieme al fotografo Luc Chessex e ai tipografi André Gürtler, Christian Mengelt ed Erich Gschwind del Team’77, confermando l’importanza pionieristica del loro lavoro. Il m.a.x. museo di Chi[...]
  • Tribulations of CAD (computer aided design)

  • Before becoming a full-time freelance cartoonist in 1999, Roger Penwill qualified and worked as an architect in London, England. While working in architectural private practice he was responsible for introducing CAD into the firm’s drawing office, back at the very early days of micro-computer based CAD. AutoCAD was th[...]
  • Jean-Jacques Lequeu

  • Jean-Jacques Lequeu (Rouen, 14 settembre 1757 – Parigi, 28 marzo 1826) è stato un architetto e disegnatore francese. Fu architetto dell'Académie royale des Sciences, Belles-Lettres, et Beaux-Arts; vinse anche due premi dell'Accademia di Rouen nel 1776 e nel 1778. Tuttavia, dei suoi pochi edifici costruiti non ci è rim[...]
  • Was ist Metaphysik?

  • "Was ist Metaphysik?" (title borrowed from a philosophical work of Martin Heidegger, 1929) is a storytelling through the architectural detail. The relationship with the human presence determines the scale, vastness and, at the same time, the heideggerian "dasein", or being-there: the keystone of existentialist philosop[...]
  • City Layouts

  • Topography, architecture and traffic routes give every city a unique structure. These conditions create the typical and individual inner structure of a city. I didn't only want to show these structures in the conventional way from above, but also including the exact three-dimensionality of topography and buildings - [...]
  • Disturbance _ A visual display of Migraine Aura

  • Disturbance is a research and the visual representation of the perceptions induced by migraine aura. The migraine aura consist in a series of symptoms – visual, sensory and linguistic symptoms – quite often characterized by hallucinations. My name is Francesca Magliani and I do suffer from migraine. As a graphic desig[...]
  • Anna Sutor's Illustrations

  • Anna Sutor graduated from the faculty of Architecture of Venice (IUAV) in 1998. After a Master at the Architectural Association, in London, she worked as an architect first for Rem Koolhaas, in Rotterdam, then for Norman Foster, in London. In 2001 she moved to Milan, where she currently lives and works between architec[...]