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  • 8 architecture leisure books

  • Start this year's readings with a selection of soft architecture leisure books that can be enjoyed while studying for finals or at a coffee break. Matthew Frederick tells us about the 101 things he learned in architecture school – how to draw a line and the ever-present concept of the vernacular – coupled with the [...]
  • Caricature architettoniche

  • Dalla metà dell’Ottocento a oggi la grafica satirica ha prodotto una quantità sterminata di caricature, vignette, illustrazioni umoristiche e cartoons animati che mostrano il profondo impatto dell’architettura sulla società contemporanea. Le grandi trasformazioni urbanistiche (dalla Parigi del barone Haussmann ai gratt[...]
  • Architexts' comic: stereotypes and fun

  • Architexts is a web-based comic about working in an architectural firm launched publicly on January 25, 2010. Many of the scripts are loosely based on the actual experiences of the creators or people we know. We are confident that not everyone who works in an architectural firm is as cynical as the main characters in A[...]
  • Tribulations of CAD (computer aided design)

  • Before becoming a full-time freelance cartoonist in 1999, Roger Penwill qualified and worked as an architect in London, England. While working in architectural private practice he was responsible for introducing CAD into the firm’s drawing office, back at the very early days of micro-computer based CAD. AutoCAD was th[...]