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  • Pisces - water - furniture

  • You, Pisces, like to be in other people’s business. You adore staying on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You like eavesdropping on neighboring table’s conversations   in bars and the calls of fellow passengers on the bus. You like to investigate who’s with whom at the Fuori Salone and you are interested to know who ha[...]
  • Aquarius - air - fixed

  • Click. Every morning when you wake up, the first thing you do is turn on the light. It helps you to clear your head and confirm that you do still exist as well as everything else in the room. Not that the things around you are that important, but you know that the cabinet is always in its place, the light filters throu[...]
  • Capricorn - earth - cardinal

  • Although you seem to be made ​​of impenetrable rock and to be incredibly rational, especially in your reasoning for eating gnocchi with meat sauce on Thursday nights and washing the car every Saturday morning, underneath it all you're a romantic who lives every day as if it was the most beautiful thing possible in the [...]
  • Sagittarius - fire - mutable

  • Sagittarius, you are the anti-technologist incarnate. You are convinced that you can hand craft everything without having to bend to the will and time of electronic machines. You’re still a fan of snail mail and believe it to be the surest method for getting information and considerations to your customers, suppliers a[...]
 Scorpio – water - fixed
  • Scorpio – water - fixed

  • Scorpio, you're such selfless creatures, especially during Milan's Furniture Week. You always arrive two days early and are the last to leave. You love to organize everything perfectly to make sure all of your friends will be satisfied. You like to entertain them with a list of jokes that you meticulously prepared duri[...]
  • Libra – air- cardinal

  • You are universally recognized as athletes for excellence. The dynamic one who are the super heroes of everyday life. Whenever you encounter an obstacle you always manage to overcome it or work around it. Like last year, when you wanted to talk with Philippe Starck so bad that you pretended to be a journalists from a w[...]
  • Virgo – earth - mutable

  • Wandering through the Salone del Mobile’ halls, it soon becomes clear who was born under the sign of Virgo. It’s easy to recognize by the way they walk from stand  to stand, without precise logic, a predetermined path or any kind of orthogonal awareness to ensure maximum coverage with minimum effort. Those born under t[...]
  • Leo – fire- fixed

  • For you Leo, who loves glitz but in moderation. For you who adore animals without having one of your own. For you, who prefers sunshine but covers every window in your home that doesn’t have curtains or blinds in some metal grating. For you, who is in love with freedom, but didn’t mind that partner who committed you to[...]
  • Cancer – water – cardinal

  • OràScappo / Cancer After spending all of 2013 and the first few months of 2014 cultivating the tiny urban garden that you have been assigned thanks to the only municipal victory you’ve won (and now don’t even remember that you participated in), it’s now time to drop the hoe, park the wheelbarrow and to go to Milan. [...]
  • Gemini – air – mutable

  • OràScappo / Gemini Gemini, you are always in pairs. You are like double-sided double agents with split personalities that act like lunatics. You imagine that one day you’d like to live on the Upper East side in Manhattan in a penthouse, taking the chance to cultivate flowers on the balcony or plant vegetables on the[...]
  • Taurus – earth - mutable

  • OràScappo / Taurus Like always, before leaving, you slyly swept the dust under the carpet. You forgot about the dirty socks lying on the floor, the magazines that fell down behind the dresser over a month ago and just decided that you’d like to contribute to the rent. You, Taurus, apparently are so classy, clean and[...]