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  • Grid System by Ying Chang

  • The project by Ying Chang is set to challenge the automatic and habitual reaction to our everyday object’s forms and functions by re-examining aspects of the domestic environment, with a particular focus on the surface. The unconventional form deviate from convention by introduce unfamiliar patterns of usability, whic[...]

  • A combination of a table and lamp. Israeli studio "HE design" have created MISKO – a dual-purpose piece of furniture, which combines table with storage compartment and a lamp. MISKO, designed by Haim Evgi, is the first of a new series of furniture called " Furniture illuminate the space ," which combine material and li[...]
  • Véronique Baer: Bounce

  • Bounce by Véronique Baer is a foam sculpture, which transforms into a soft and comfortable chair at the moment when someone sits down. It adapts totally to any kind of body shape and bounces back up, after its user left. The symmetrical shape of the chair invites to sit in it from every side and in every position. Only[...]
  • CATable by Ruan Hao

  • Designed by Ruan Hao of Lycs Architecture, the CATable gives people a surface for work and cats a tunnel in which to play. The wooden table provides several passages for a feline friend to explore and hide inside. The table, in addition to doubling as workspace and crawlspace, brings style to any room. Its organic curv[...]
  • Best of #lovesdomus

  • 20 studenti di architettura di 3 Università diverse: Pescara, Cagliari, Mendrisio; 7 giorni per scoprire la città di Milano in un'occasione d'incontro e approfondimento per progettisti e design lovers ma anche un momento di divertimento, PR, svago; una Milano che brulica, che non dorme, una Milano frenetica; 320 pun[...]