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  • Islands by raw-edges design studio

  • Caesarstone presents ‘Islands’ by Raw Edges design studio; an interactive, creative installation exploring a new vision of the kitchen and domestic environment placing Caesarstone surfaces at the core of the interior. Islands seeks to reshape the typical interior arrangement by positioning the  surface as the binding e[...]
  • Tagmi: Alfredo

  • Alfredo, ideato dal duo milanese tagmi, è un tavolo da cucina che nasce da uno studio dei vecchi tavoli da mestiere. La tradizione artigianale italiana è legata ai mestieri più antichi. Il falegname, il sarto, il calzolaio,  il panettiere erano professionisti che avevano il loro spazio di lavoro, luogo dove era sempre [...]
  • Mondopasta

  • An italian contemporary tale: tradition is not inviolable! Through an experimental approach, a group of brave designers supported by Subalterno1 + FabLabMilano+ Slowd, in collaboration with Tecnificio, discover uncharted territories of the "world" of Pasta. An exhibition curated by Stefano Maffei. Massimiliano Adami[...]
  • Eating out

  • Eating Out saw Libeskind and Abramovich in discussion on the theme of food. The dialogue was accompanied by a gallery of images selected by the two, to address and share with the audience individual relationships with nutrition. Marina Abramovic and Daniel Libeskind, @ Aula Magna dell’Università degli Studi di Milan[...]
  • Who can peel more potatoes?

  • Piet Bergmann's call to action: who can peel more potatoes? At the end of the performance you can eat some fries at his Frites van Piet temporary restaurant. @Ventura Lambrate, Via Canzi 19, Milano