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  • Tasty graphic

  • "One essential aspect of the Motif concept is what we call the sixth sense: We have transformed taste, which is perceived through the nose and palate, into a graphic, or a motif. Motif consciously rejects the exclusive wine culture that is reserved for only a few people. Our goal is to facilitate an enjoyment of wine t[...]
  • Remyxologie

  • From the 6th to the 13th September «Future Heritage 2 – Remyxologie» B&B Italia 35, rue du Bac 75007 Paris Design Week As part of the Paris Design Week, the Cognac producer Rémy Martin presents the "Remyxologie" project as part of the exhibition "Future Heritage 2" at B&B Italia. This collection of objec[...]
  • Ludo

  • A quick overview of Ludo's recent works...enjoy! About: The work of Paris based Ludo, often called Nature’s Revenge, connects the world of plants and animals with our technological universe and “quest for modernism”. It speaks about what surrounds us, what affects us and tries to highlight some kind of humility. [...]
  • Mediumwave

  • This project by Jake Rich  looks to address the way domestic technology is designed  and exists within our homes.  Mediumwave is a microwave that prioritises the relationship we have with it - both in terms of how its used and how we live with it.
  • airvase - moyamoya by Torafu Architects

  • This is a paper bowl produced by Kami no Kousakujo that envelopes air. It is possible to create various shapes by pulling it in different directions. The paper is thin and light, but when expanded it is rigid and strong enough to stand alone. Torafu Architects have depicted a unique world view by arranging works of ar[...]
  • Branches

  • Dalton, design by La Mamba and produced by the Spanish home&accessories editor Omelette-ed, is a collection of dry food containers. They can be placed anywhere as a decorative element without neglecting their functionality. They are available in three sizes to store different types of food (sugar, rice, tea, vegeta[...]
  • Squeezer by Studio Klass

  • Squeezing juice is a necessary but often boring job that just needs to be done. That is how the Italian designers of Studio Klass see it, and this observation led them to the idea of creating a design for Norman Copenhagen that could make squeezing the juice from lemons, grapes, oranges and lime fruits a fun task inste[...]
  • reversed volumes - Leaves - for PCM

  • As a complement of the ‘Reversed Volumes’ bowls by mischer’traxler, PCM presents this series of platters made by capturing the imprint of leaves of various species, sizes and colors. To create the design, the space between a leaf and the container was filled up with casting material. Once cast and dried the veins and w[...]
A visual campaign proposal for the Expo Milano 2015
  • A visual campaign proposal for the Expo Milano 2015

  • Art director Luca Frank Guarini, copywriter Samantha Scaloni, and the two graphic designers Lorenzo Piccinini and Giulia Zoavo teamed up to create a global campaign proposal for the Expo Milano 2015. Goal was to create a simple visual language that reflects the existing identity of the event as well as appeals to the g[...]
  • Seams by Benjamin Hubert

  • Seams is a collection of five large ceramic centerpieces designed by Benjamin Hubert  for iconic Italian ceramic manufacturer Bitossi Ceramiche. The collection was  launched at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April 2014. The range stems from the studio’s research into creating mass-produced products with on[...]
  • Odd Pears Campaign

  • Odd Pears is an Australian-based company founded by Brock Sykes. They sell socks in Pears, not pairs. A Pear is three individual socks, two matching, one odd. Brock reached out to me to create a series of images to be used as posters and postcards by Leta Sobierajski to promote their polka-dotted collection. The res[...]