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  • Brandless: the 3 dollars revolution

  • Are brands a thing of the past? Based in San Francisco and Minneapolis, We Are Brandless ™ is a concept that was brought to life by group of thinkers, eaters and doers who are pushing for more transparency and community-driven values. First of all, goodbye fancy brands. The main objective is to select well sourced [...]
  • 7 Canadian themed restaurants

  • If you happen to be in Canada, try out one of the new themed restaurants in Montréal, Toronto or Vancouver. Once passed the entrance door you will be teleported into exotic places far from Northern America. Be it nostalgia for warmer spots and good food, the result is quite impressive for it's accuracy in proposing[...]
  • Military food takeover

  • Anything can turn attractive when in good hands. A photographer, a videomaker and a chef completed an excellent branding exercise with a military food takeover. Chuck George, Jimmy Pham and Henry Hargreaves are three young creatives that teamed up to revive something as singular and unattractive as military food from[...]
  • Food recipes in the architect's eye

  • The illustrated food recipes by graphic designer Jing Zhang seem to be the ones that many architects and designers have in mind. Next time you get a family recipe, get inspired and make sure it looks as gorgeous as these ones. Zhang starts with five pillars: pizza, burger, dumplings, ramen and croissants and she ta[...]
  • Salone Days: We R Food

  • A restaurant, fine food and four designers: the historical restaurant ‘Rigolo’, situated in the Brera Design District, Milan, presents We R Food. The project was created from the fusion of traditional Italian cuisine with the world of design: Vito Nesta, Martinelli Venezia, Elena Salmistraro and Zanellato Bortotto [...]
  • 10 design ideas for Thanksgiving

  • This Thanksgiving take some inspiration from ten design tableware collections: choose between simple ceramics, coloured glasses, blue hues or alternative cutleries. Designed for famous brands –Alessi, Seletti, Villeroy&Boch, Blumarine, Kartell, to name some – or by experimental alternative designers, you can ch[...]
Kristiane Kegelmann: sugar geometries
  • Kristiane Kegelmann: sugar geometries

  • Kristiane Kegelmann plays with food in a very serious way. With her geometrical sculptures and installations she questions the forms and references of traditional patisserie. She believes that sweets should not always have the same interface or either be eaten the same way. Starting from these statements, she creat[...]
  • Cutlery: variations on a theme

  • Since World War II the most brilliant cutlery designs have always been "variations on a theme" without any major typological revolutions. But in what terms is cutlery "restricted"? Holding food in a plate and piercing it requires an implement with prongs: the fork. Two prongs are sufficient for this; in Italy, h[...]
  • 80 anni di Illetta

  • La macchina per caffè Illetta rappresenta una delle otto innovazioni radicali che hanno rivoluzionato il modo di fare, pensare e gustare il caffè nel secolo scorso. Ideata da Francesco Illy nel 1935, fondatore di illycaffè, la “Illetta” è la progenitrice delle attuali macchine professionali per caffè espresso. L’illet[...]
  • Ham on Wheels

  • What if we combine the best Spanish ham, the best Catalan ‘Coca’ bread and bicycle culture? We get ham on wheels, premium Catalan fast food within a tiny urban space full of color, aromas and flavors. The project decomposes the basic ‘ingredients’ of the concept reassembling them into a new spatial experience: 1. [...]
  • Italy the Extraordinary Commonplace

  • Il Vice Ministro Calenda ha mostrato in anteprima a Davos un video – che il Ministero e ICE hanno prodotto – per evidenziare i nostri punti di forza e sfatare alcuni dei principali luoghi comuni sull'Italia, cioè che il Made in Italy sia in grado di esprimere solo prodotti della moda e del design, oltre che naturalment[...]
  • Edible architecture: 'Pastry Paradise' exhibition

  • Gameloft has marked the National Pastry Day with the launch of the world’s first exhibition of edible architecture 'Pastry Paradise' presenting the 'Modern Wonders of the World.' Five of the UK’s finest bakers have been commissioned to create the pastry versions of the most iconic landmarks around the world. The Trif[...]