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  • Coachella 2017

  • The second Coachella weekend starts today. Being one of the most talked and profitable music festivals in the world, its large-scale art installations are a must-see. This year's guest artists are Chiaiozza, Olalekan Jeyifous, Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan and Gustavo Prado. All of them created gigantic pieces t[...]
  • Open call: one week left for Detroit Dlectricity

  • After three years, the city of Detroit turns on the lights on Detroit Dlectricity 2017, a major light-based art and technology festival. The open call is still open: one week left to get your applications submitted. The previous editions in 2012 and 2014 featured over 35 world-renowned and emerging artists whose cutt[...]
  • Ragusa FestiWALL

  • Per l’edizione 2016 di FestiWall si conferma la formula che lega cinque artisti a cinque muri, disseminando gli interventi in un’area ben definita di Ragusa. Il quartiere, denominato comunemente “Selvaggio” è una area che ospita diverse strutture sportive della città ma dove ancora è forte la frattura generata dall[...]
  • Burning Man live!

  • Didn't make it to the Burning Man? No worries. Nevada comes to you with a 24 hours streaming where you can literally spy on what's people doing in the craziest event of the summer. Desert, music, art installations and floods of bicycles. Just a little reminder on the ten principles that drive the fest: radical inclusio[...]
  • Wagner inspiration

  • If you want to experience music and architecture as a whole, then don’t miss the Bayreuther Festspiele at Richard Wagner’s theatre in Bayeruth, Bavaria. Each summer the Festival celebrates the German composer showcasing all of his operas, in the only place where they can be fully appreciated: the theatre Wagner him[...]
  • Burning Man: Heart of Gold

  • Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu from HYBYCOZO will create three entirely new sculptures at the Burning Man festival, producing a whole new activation of geometry, light, and shadow. After launching the project on Kickstarter, The Heart of Gold, was inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s revolutionary polyhedron drawin[...]
  • BIG: Skum Pavilion

  • Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange designed a mobile structure for three Danish institutions – Tuborg Brewery, Chart Art Fari and ARos Aarhus Junstmuseum – that had to be permanent and trasportable at the same time. Skum is a bubble-like cloud pavilion that is filled with air powered by two turbines, and is fully inflated[...]
  • 7-17 May 2015 _ Mapping Festival Geneva

  • The Mapping Festival, dedicated to audio-visual art and digital culture, celebrates this year its eleventh edition that will take place from May 7 to 17, 2015, in Geneva. The festival is now a major event in the fields of image generation, technological creation and exploration, attracting both professional and genera[...]